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      As the demand for sustainable energy sources continues to rise, solar panels emerge as a key player in the search for a greener and more sustainable future. Solar panel cleaning ensures optimal performance and return on investment. Therefore, KOTI produces various brush solutions for the solar panel industry. We combine decades of craftsmanship with the latest manufacturing technology, by providing custom made brush solutions to your needs.

      We manage the entire process, from advice to after-sales service. Contact us and we will find a suitable brush solution for you.

        Brushes for solar panel maintenance  

      Roller brush

      The many combination possibilities of brush material, filling, and density make this brush versatile for a wide range of applications in various industries.

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      Brush laths

      With their flexible combinations of materials, punching patterns, and appearances, lath brushes offer an unlimited range of possibilities.

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      Strip and sealing brushes

      Flexible, adaptable, and durable strip brushes provide innovative solutions for a wide range of applications and industries.

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      Your solution in 4 stages:

      Inventarisatie en advies bij KOTI

      1. Inventory & advice

      What is the desired result? Our specialized staff will come up with a suitable advice.

      Ontwikkel en testfase bij KOTI

      2. Engineering & testing

      Converting the advice into a suitable solution. Taking into account specific requirements and the desired result, the brush is configured and tested.

      Levering en beheer bij KOTI

      3. Delivery & management

      Wherever you are, KOTI delivers worldwide. Always enough in stock? We also offer the possibility to replenish your stock periodically.

      Nazorg en onderhoud bij KOTI

      4. Aftersale & maintenance

      KOTI also offers aftercare and maintenance after delivery. Short lines of communication and a personal approach are key to us during the entire process.

      Looking for a solution? We can help.