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      Directly from the source

      In addition to the development of road brushes and weed brushes, KOTI also has in-house production with the aid of modern machinery. KOTI thus manages the entire process from advice to after-sales service so that our customers always do business directly at the source.

      Only with the proper training and a perfect brush your sweeper will achieve optimum sweeping results at minimum brush costs. This is important because it makes a positive contribution to the environment. In order to support this, KOTI offers its relations demonstrations free of charge. Are you interested? Contact us and plan an appointment.

      Complete sweeping and cleaning package

      In addition to a complete range of road brushes and weed brushes, KOTI also supplies a full range of new and original spare parts. This is very convenient as you can buy your brushes and wear parts from one supplier. This not only saves time but also costs. In addition, KOTI guarantees the quality of its products by means of checks at all stages of the process which meet the ISO 9001 standard.


      Weed and gutter brushes

      Specifically assembled durable and high quality gutter and cleaning brushes for all sweeping machines.

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      Durability parts

      In addition to a complete range of brushes, KOTI also supplies a full range of new and original wear parts.

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      Tufted gutter brushes

      The tufted synthetic plate gutter brush is made from recycled materials and is also insensitive to weather influences.

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      Weed brushes

      Steel weed brushes are most suitable to remove weeds at the root of the problem.

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      Roller brushes

      Developed for the removal of leaves, sand, dirt and other materials from large areas such as streets and parking lots.

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      Specially developed for sweeping and removing weeds from gutters, footpaths, parking lots and large areas.

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      Brush rings

      The brush ring is the flexible version of the roller brush and can easily be placed.

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      Weed brushes for bush cutters and weeding machines in synthetic or steel configuration.

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      Brush segments

      Main plates, brush segments with synthetic or steel cable tufts in various designs available from stock.

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      Ease of ordering - KOTI

      Ease of ordering

      Customer-specific order forms and easy access to FTP server for monthly or quarterly statements, delivery notes, etc.

      Stock control - KOTI

      Stock control

      Always sufficient in stock by means of automatic replenishment of periodic stock.

      Pick-up service durability parts - KOTI

      Cradle to cradle

      All worn brushes are returned by KOTI on request and fully recycled.

      Shelf cards durability parts - KOTI

      Shelf cards

      For the purpose of warehouse management, KOTI produces personalized shelf cards per brush type on request.

      Engineering and test department - KOTI

      Engineering and test department

      Thanks to our testing department, we look for the most sustainable solution during production and development.

      Demonstration and toolbox meeting durability parts - KOTI

      Demonstration & Toolbox meeting

      Demonstrations for the correct use of brushes and brush adjustments, at KOTI in Weert or on location.

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